Epicor Training

Pronto Progress offers training for existing or new users of the Epicor®  ERP system.  We do this because we want you to understand the most efficient way to use the Epicor® system to do your job, whether you are an accounting clerk, warehouse worker, or CFO.

Our company slogan is “Done Once, Done Right” therefore, we want to teach you how to use the Epicor® system to handle your company’s business practice needs.

Our training will express best practices as it relates to and varies between ETO, MRO, and FSO businesses. It will neither minimize nor overlook the foibles, gotchas, and complexities of the Epicor® Kinetic ERP.  Gotchas will be highlighted, which should add an attractive element to the newly hired employee to the customer.


Effective training is broken into practice and support. Studies have shown that effective learning requires building on prior knowledge and repetition; therefore, our training classes will offer both reviewing the training documentation and allowing the students to gain practical experience creating the required file setup, operations, and running reports required for the particular training subject.

The student will have two methods of after-class support:

  • The Training Documentation Vault. Students have access to this vault for three months following the class.
  • Three hours of online support during the three weeks following the training class. Students may use either Teams or Skype to contact our company for any support issues that they have during this period.


The Epicor® Kinetic modules that will be covered in this training are the following:


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