It’s month-end. How do you get negative WIP? (Work in Progress)

Meet Vicki, successful, educated and purpose driven business executive. A CFO. Vicki wears other hats as IT Director and PMO. (Project Management Office) Vicki is especially frustrated when the ERP isn’t functioning as her users expect it to. Vicki’s vexed by her user community making spreadsheets instead of working within the ERP, but she can’t blame them.

Vicki dreads making a call to her ERP's support desk. Why, Vicki asks, do I have to stay on the phone for hours? Why can't I just call or email someone and get it fixed, or get a work around, or simply just an answer?

Vicki found Pronto Progress, and though she doesn't know what a seneschal is, she’ll soon like having one.

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