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Your business needs:


  • People - the believers in your mission
  • Processes -your recipe
  • Technology - force multiplier

Welcome to Pronto Progress where we provide the staffing, process training, ideas and technology enhancements for Epicor® Kinetic, QAD and Infor Syteline.

Timely Training in Epicor® Kinetic

- Our Learning Lab is highly functional, hands-on, one-on-one exercise driven practice. Each lab consists of 3 hours of coached instruction and exercises followed by an additional 3 hours of lifeline. The lifeline is on call assistance by the same expert and may be used on any topic. You will use up the lifeline by the minute. Learning Labs are available for Epicor® Kinetic.


Office Staffing for Epicor® Kinetic

- We provide pre-trained office staff, available as a temp, or temp-to-perm. Our notion of the Office extends to plant clerical tasks like the shipping desk or receiving.


Support for Epicor® Kinetic

- We do all the technical tasks such as upgrading. We embrace integrations and love to streamline the ERP. We use active listening and our experiencce to help shape the most robust solution for you. We do this Infor Syteline, Epicor® Kinetic, and QAD.


The Sioux Chief, Black Elk, wisely

stated that all of nature seeks to be round; that there is no power in a square.

Our enhancements round out your technology, leveraging your special recipe. Revolutions Solution Predictive Shipping is an example where we streamlined the hell out of the shipping starting at the quote and order entry desk.


Honestly, there is no beginning nor end to refining your business nor are there corners to cut.

Epicor® Kinetic ERP, Infor Syteline, and QAD ERPs.

It’s month-end. How do you get negative WIP?

(Work in Progress)


Meet Vicki, a successful, educated and purpose driven business executive. A CFO, Vicki sometimes wears other hats as IT Director and PMO (Project Management Office). Vicki is especially frustrated when the ERP isn’t functioning as her users expect it to. Vicki’s vexed by her user community making spreadsheets instead of working within the ERP, but she can’t blame them. Still, all these journal entry workarounds are pain in the ass.


Vicki dreads making a call to her ERP's support desk. Why? Why do I have to stay on the phone for hours? Why can't I just call or email someone and get it fixed? Why do I have to upgrade or re-install? Can't you give me a work around? Better still, how about telling me the best practice so I can avoid this?


Vicki found Pronto Progress, and though she doesn't know what a seneschal is, she’ll soon like having one.

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