It’s month end. How do you get negative WIP?!

Meet Vicki, who is about to be our newest client. Pronto Progress provides personal, professional ERP services and we’ll be her seneschal, her loyal “Go-To” solution provider. She’s a very successful, educated and driven business person. She’s the overworked IT Director and one-person Project Management Office. She’s got a head for numbers and business, and started with a Bachelor of Science degree. Vicki is a hands-on leader. She’s especially frustrated when the ERP isn’t working properly, like now. Vicki’s vexed by her user community making spreadsheets instead of working within the ERP itself, and she can’t blame them.

Vicki’s about to call her ERP vendor’s support desk. She already knows that SUPPORT is only interested in ending the call and closing the ticket.

Then, like you, Vicki found Pronto Progress and, though she’s skeptical of salespeople, alas, and doesn’t know or care what a seneschal is, she’ll soon like having one.

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