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Business owners fill leadership and sales roles. Revolutions
Solution streamlines communication.



  • A great employee becomes a competitor.
  • You might make a competitor their next employee.
  • The learning curvey might lose a customer or two.
  • Pay, benefits, commission would run you about $40,000 / year

YOU COULD USE Revolutions Solution to:

  • Schedule Sales calls
  • Schedule production
  • Change schedules in seconds
  • Text messages to your customers keep them informed

Scheduling Demo in Revolutions Solution

Services and Industries served by Revolutions Solution™

Orange indicates demonstration video attached.

  • Commercial Cleaning and Sanitation / Associated Report
  • Pressure Washing and Industrial Cleaning
  • Residential Cleaning and Sanitation
  • Disaster Cleanup
  • Tree & Arborist Services
  • Handyman Services
  • Landscaping
  • Appliance Repair
  • Pet Sitting
  • HVAC Contractors and Installers
  • Industrial Maintenance and Service
  • Concert Venue Support & Audio/Visual Setup
  • Electrical Contractors
  • Septic Services
  • Plumbing Contractors
  • Car Detailing
  • Solar Installation and Service Contractors
  • Well Drilling and Services
  • Lawn Services
  • Water Softener Services
  • Made to Order (MTO) Building Product(s) Suppliers
  • Junk Clearing / Estate Liquidation
  • Window Cleaning and High-Rise Window Cleaning
  • Pool Installation and Services
  • Roofing Contractors
  • Safety Supply and Compliance
  • Accountants and Professional Services Suppliers
  • Screen Repair
  • Pest Control
  • Gutter Installation and Repair
  • Office Equipment Repair and Servicing
  • Irrigation Home / Agriculture
  • Home Nursing
  • Concrete Delivery
  • Catering
  • Towing Service / Repossession Services
  • Tent Rental with Setup, Teardown and Services

Revolutions Solution™ has your back, as in your back office

Small business is defined as 1 to 1,500 employees and up to $50M in sales. That is the target market for Revolutions Solution™ (RS). Probably you want to get past this label someday! RS is revolutionary wherein it seeks to minimize the data entered and maximize the data's utility. For example, when one of your workers presses the "Complete" button the system will record the elapsed labor, create payroll, creating cost accounting, modify schedules, update dashboards and make journal entries and project billing entries all from just that one button click. This philosophy holds true for inventory and most all other transactions.

If you choose to let your customer order your services, you could find yourself waking up to what Geri woke up to one day in Fort Lauderdale. The President of Frito-Lay had ordered her cleaning service late the night before for his mansion and 3,000sf mother-in-law cottage in Windmill Ranches, FL. The President, or more a staffer, also paid with a credit card.

If you visit a customer, you will be able to setup and collect a deposit at the first visit, without having to go back to your office and work through other applications. Imagine how fast you can close business and how much of your dust your competitors will be eating.

The secret to the Revolution is integration. One little "Complete" button on RSMobileDispatch feeds labor statistics, performance, payroll, invoicing, project management and scheduling. Imagine that! It is truly revolutionary. But wait, here comes RSVision, an AI enhancement. Your employees get clocked in by walking in the door in the morning and stuff gets reported just by moving the part from the bench to bin. Imagine recieving parts as the skid steer exits an Old Dominion trailer!. Receipts, disbursement and so much more are available with RSVision. RSVision makes sense for more than 10 10 employees. When you are ready, RSvision will help you profitably grow to sales in the $B range.

Revolutions Solution™ Light (all mobile app)

RS Light functionality is available to you through a tablet, mobile phone and a browser. You many choose to use some or all this functionality. Firms with 1 to 10 workers will find this to be their best solution as RS Light is cloud based. All you need is internet access. RS Light is paperless. Firms that wish to use QuickBooks will also find this option the best. It is economically priced, licensed by functionality, not by user count.

  • Uber model Worker/Job Matching: allows you to post work and let your resources bid on the work. Gamifies the scheduling
  • Order Entry: allows management to enter an order and quote work
  • Repetitive Order Entry: For scheduled, ongoing service calls to an SLA (Service Level Agreement or Contract)) RSRepetitiveOE
  • Scheduled service: Often seen with pest control for B2C or tool maintenance in B2B
  • Labor Dispatch: tells specific folks where to go and what to do and allows these folks to show work and completion
  • Labor Scheduling: tells specific folks what to do next and allows people to navigate to the work location and contact customer
  • Schedule Leveling: allows management to re-arrange the schedule visually
  • Customer/Contact: Setup on the go and on the road or by the prospect themselves
  • Employee/Worker: Setup on the go and on the road
  • Customer Order Entry: allows customers to purchase services and parts
  • Electronic Payment: takes credit card payments or partial payments to your merchant services account
  • Expense Entry: allows folks to enter expenses for such items as travel, lodging and meals and supplies consumed and/or purchased for a job
  • Requisition Entry: allows folks to requisition material for a job including direct delivery
  • Invoicing: by email only
  • Email Reports: weekly reports are emailed to management showing labor, expenses, invoicing and payments so that the information may be integrated into the financial system of your choice

Revolutions Solution™ Full Feature (Mobile and Server)

RS Full Feature functionality is available to you through a tablet, mobile phone and a browser. Some functionality is available only through Remote Desktop. You many choose to use some or all FS Full Feature and RS Light functionality. Firms using Revolutions Solution™ Full Feature will enjoy the benefits of a fully integrated ERP. RS Full Feature may be hosted or installed on your server. The mobile applications in RS Light will access either deployment. Full printing capabilities if you choose to have a hard copy.

  • Predictive Shipping: The 80/20 rule assures us that many of your shipments will be the same in terms of packaging and weight. This enhancement makes it possible to reliably calculate shipping costs and times for any carrier and destination. An enhancement to order entry and at the shipping desk. RSPredictiveShipping
  • Full accounting: G/L, Financials, Payroll, Invoicing, A/R, Bank Reconciliation, Sales Tax, Reimbursed Expenses
  • Inventory Control: Purchasing, Receipts, Disbursements, Cycle Count, Multiple Warehouses (Service Vehicle may be a warehouse or inventory location), Requisitions, FIFO/LIFO/Average Costing
  • Production: Scheduling, Operations, Resources, Labor Standards, Work Day Calendars
  • Project Management: Project Costing, EV and PV, Phases, Milestone Billing, Sub contractor management, Expenses
  • Product Management: Bill of Material, Engineering Revision Control
  • Product Configurator: Highly customized versioning of standard parts for Quote, Order and Production
  • CRM: Master Customer, Contacts, Email and Automatic PDF generation plus tracking of sales compaigns and results
  • ACH: Added security allow you to make payroll via ACH without the possibilitiy of nafarious actions when cutting and pasting a file! This works for A/P as well
  • Quality Control: Statistical manufacturing quality control with product certifications
  • Capacity to Promise: allows management to determine when a service and/or part in quantity may be promised with reasonable certainty
  • Fixed Asset: Accounting, Depreciation and Scheduled / Preventative Maintenance
  • Leasing: Many companies lease equipment as part of their service. This could be barricades on the side of the road during construction, and cones of course. Or for a jet engine repair shop, this could be power by the hour

Additional Services include

  • MSP for on-premises solutions
  • Learning Labs where you are immersed in functionality then supported as you do it
  • Data conversion is available for your CRM information or other data up to and including G/L
  • Enhancement(s)

Architecture of Revolution Solution in Field Service

The RS suite is based on the Microsoft operating system and Microsoft SQL Server. The mobile applications have a look/feel based on your company's identity and may be deployed to Google Play or Apple Store if you choose that option.

RS Full Feature is licensed by office user count and remote features for workers.

Current licensees of Epicor® Kinetic

If you have an on-premises deployment, all the features in both RS Light and RS Full Feature are available to you.

If you have an Epicor® cloud deployment, some of the features may not be available to you. Call us for details and a quote for any of our services.

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