Revolutions Shipping
Epicor Kinetic and EPICOR 10

Streamlined approach to Shipping in EPICOR 10 and Epicor Kinetic.

Shipping and Transfer Orders within Epicor Kinetic and EPICOR 10 ERP. Easily use FedEx, UPS WorldShip and TForce Freight APIs (application program interfaces)


  • Precise Shipping of an order at Sales Order Entry
  • Recalculate at Customer Shipment Entry
  • Effortless capture of tracking numbers to the package
  • Apply shipping costs to invoice optionally
  • Capture G/L shipping
  • Schedule carrier pickup from a customer, a massive time saver for Maintenance and Repair Organizations MROs
  • Customer based invoice as setup in Epicor Kinetic or EPICOR 10 billing actual carrier shipping, flat rate shipping, tier shipping, customer paid shipping, free shipping or cost-plus shipping
  • Customer preferred carrier account shipping
  • Hazardous material and commodity codes for compliant international shipping fully supported handled in Epicor Kinetic.


Predictive logic allows you to make use of historical shipments weights and dimension. Observation shows that efficient shipping departments already package piece parts in the same fashion, usually from memory. Many piece parts on an order have a strong correlation with other items on the order. For example, a common order might be any of the following:

1.     a gallon of rust inhibitor with a 4” paint brush.

2.     a gallon of rust inhibitor wtih an 8” roller and pan.

3.     100 4” by 3/8” galvanized shoulder eye-bolts, 100 3/8” galvanized nuts, 200 3/8” galvanized washers packaged for assembly line use.

The first time. When packaged, a particular customer order will yield dimension(s) and weight(s) which may then be used to predict packaging, dimensions, and weights on subsequent orders. On a new order this historical information is used. Weight and dimension are predicted. Adding carrier, shipment class and the particular destination creates a wholly accurate shipment cost. The last time.

Imagine the ease of training.

Vicki thinking she likes predictive
Vicki thinking she likes predictive
Vicki and a worry free weekend
Vicki and a worry free weekend

Worry free upgrade.

This functionality is accomplished through the installation of Method Directives specific to the client’s company and the APIs available for the carrier. The source code for Method Directives is located within the Epicor Kinetic SQL database. As a happy consequence when your Epicor Kinetic version is upgraded these Method Directives are simultaneously upgraded. To the extent possible, this approach avoids version locking commonly found using the Epicor Kinetic SDK method.

Revolutions Shipping updates and upgragres easily whether you are on premise, multi-tenant cloud or single-tenant cloud.

Fully Integrated:

No more double entry. The functionality of the Epicor Kinetic is exploited to the fullest extent. Thus, our client’s users need little or no additional training to utilize Revolutions Shipping. Weights, packaging, dimensions are used from the Epicor Kinetic when prediction is insufficient. This happens the first time you ship.

Where Revolutions Shipping requires information not already available in Epicor 10 or Epicor Kinetic, the data is stored in the user defined UD24 table. A new form allows the user to setup this information which is generally static and updated only when a new carrier is setup or rules are changed.

More than Vicki could hope
More than Vicki could hope