Epicor Labor and Time Reporting Source Code

What was Epicor thinking when they allowed a labor reporting overlap that enables employees to double-bill an organization on jobs and rotations? If you’re running any fully integrated environment with payroll, job costing, and even billing all driven from labor entry, listen up... Employees could be taking advantage of you while simultaneously showcasing your stupidity and exposing you to fraud. Or do you enjoy being taken for a sucker? It’s more likely that you just didn’t know.

But, for $175 you too can avoid this and prevent the mistakes we made when previous employees J Jason and John double-billed us for a year. If it had been caught and nipped in the bud early, there would have been no serious employee issues to address down the road. We made the mistake, but you don’t have to.


Enjoy These Amazing Benefits

Worry-Free Labor Reporting

  • Compares to all previous time records throughout the day

Not sure how or just don't have the time to install our Epicor code?

Our Software Architects can install the source code for a $50 fee

Free Support

  • Pronto Progress will fix any bugs that may arise

Instantly Receive the Source Code Within Minutes via Email

  • An automated email will be sent with the source code and instructions once payment is complete

Works Across Multiple Epicor Upgrades

  • Tested and works on every version of Epicor 10 and up

Run Commands via the Dashboard

  • Enjoy the ease of running a dashboard command that checks for time overlaps on an individual or groups of employees

Is your company and its employees using Epicor to clock hours worked and track project progress? Are you aware you or one of your coworkers may have been committing FRAUD? You definitely didn’t want to face the realization of this but you’ll be glad you did. We discovered this “fraud” inducing bug (and quite honestly many more) within Epicors labor reporting function, but our expert computer scientists have written code within Epicor to fix it. Currently, when you’re reporting your hours worked on projects, if the reporting overlaps, it counts each report individually, totaling all the hours worked (including those hours overlapped). This, unknowingly to you, allows Epicor to report double the number of hours you would be billing to a client, and double the number of hours that you pay an employee. For example, your employee clocks in at 9 am, they work for two hours and reach a milestone in the project they’re working on. Like they always do, your employee correctly reports their time “9 am-11 am: updated code within the HTML table” and another entry “10 am-12 pm: attended developers meeting over Skype”. Your employee worked a total of 3 hours, but this Epicor bug says your employee worked 4 hours, two separate two-hour time stamps. Imagine this faulty time reporting and billing over the course of a year…

How It Works

Enter the employee ID

Enter a time and expense record, for instance from 7:00 AM to 8:30 AM

  • Enter another time and expense record, and the adjusted time of which is overlapped to the record that was just entered. When you hit save, a warning message will pop up and remind the user.
  • Click ok and change the time range of this record so it’s no longer overlapped to the first record and save it.
  • Create a new time detail record
  • For the Labor Type, choose “Indirect” and select an indirect code Labor Type field was chosen for this example, you can also choose “Project” or anything else
  • Enter a clock in or clock out time that is outside the time range of the header. Here, the header is 8:50 AM to 10:30 AM, the detail is 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM. In this case, a warning message will pop up and remind the user.
  • Click ok and change the clock in/out time of the time detail, so it’s no longer overlapped to the header and save it
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