RS Dispatch and Mobile Dispatch - Timekeeping Made Easy!

Keep track of breaks, attendance, and work hours. Allow employees to use shared phone or tablet to clock in and out. 

Browser and iOS/Android

Whether you prefer your favorite web browser or downloaded app (iOS and Android supported), RS Dispatch and Mobile Dispatch have you covered.

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Ditch the Punch Cards

Compared to using a traditional punch card system, RS Dispatch ensures a painless clock-in process for workers and offers employers a centralized solution for handling attendance.

Easy to Set Up, Easy to Use

We created RS Dispatch to be simple, understandable, and easy to use. People quickly grasp and enjoy using it.

Track and approve employee time

Everything you need to track employee time accurately and promptly is available in RS Dispatch. Timesheets are reviewed and approved easily by your management.

Automated Calculations

Necessary calculations, such as state and federal overtime, are automatically performed.


Organize projects and tasks

Just a few keystrokes will delineate your work into focused projects and tasks. Give tasks a priority, attach additional information, and assign them to your team members.


Have an employee multitasking between three or four jobs? RS Dispatch makes this simple, allowing the employee to mark the moment when they have achieved a milestone and are ready to switch to a new job, or just head home for the day.

Integrated with Payroll

We seamlessly connect payroll and accounting platforms with time tracking and employee attendance. This includes automated pay adjustments and optimized scheduling processes.

Powerful Reporting

Want to know how many hours your team put in over a specific period? Or perhaps you'd prefer to view a record of each time entry? You can find all the information you need to understand your team's hours in time tracking reports.



We offer on-site and remote training, including hands-on demonstrations during the training classes. We supply easy-to-understand written documentation to supplement the lessons.

Tested and Proven

RS Dispatch reporting is in use at Aerothrust, Rotary Airlock, Emcee, Assa Abloy, Agra Industries, and other companies.