Vicki makes a big sale after hours
Vicki makes a big sale after hours

Revolutions Shopping ™
Revolutions Customer Portal ™


EPICOR® Kinetic EPICOR 10®
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Vicki wonders why it took so long
Vicki wonders why it took so long

Features and Benefits

This module provides a streamlined view of customer related activities to your customers and allows a Customer Support Representative (CSR) to simulate a specific customer’s view and available activities. Revolutions Shopping module provides visibility to the following types of customer related activities:

  • Order Entry
    • Repeat an old order in full or partially
    • Place a new order
    • View Order History
    • Track in-transit orders by carrier
  • Quote Entry
    • Enter just like an order without the commitment
    • Carrier and shipping is accurate
    • Quotes become stale based on rules
    • Update quotes
    • Turn quotes into orders
  • Customer Profile Updates
    • Contact information
    • Ship To locations
    • View Invoice History
    • Pay open invoices using Revolutions Payment.
  • Request Support
  • Request RMA
  • Request Field Service
  • Request Repair Pickup
  • Core Returns
    • Print labels
    • Schedule carrier pickup
    • Track Core return by carrier
    • Track Credit for return

EPICOR® Kinetic, EPICOR® 10
V0antage Vista
Support Upgrade Implementation Tailoring
Upgradeable Customization(s)


We routinely provide professional Epicor support to companies all over the Canada, Mexico, Latin America and the USA.

For good reason, we prefer to work directly at your facility. Otherwise we work in our offices in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Tampa.

Studies have show that body lanuage accounts for the majority of communication. The data from an Albert Mehrabian study showed that 55% of communication was through body language, 38% through tone, and only 7% of the actual content (the words they say).

Our Epicor 10 support team understands how to make the Epicor ERP work toward your business needs. Sadly, Epicor training will simply show you ALL the options and generally these options are not tied together in a cohesive process. Pronto listens to your issues and watches your body language. We'll ask questions to ensure that we understand completely. In this way we suggest a solution, it is a robust solution.

Pronto Progress provides support customer by customer.

  • Can't email invoices quickly - problem - solved.
  • Shipping costs inacurrate - pboblem -solved.
  • Shipment tracking impossible - problem - solved.
  • Customer cannot reorder easily - problem - solved.
  • Customer can't pay online - problem - solved.
  • Can't reconcile your bank accounts - problem - solved.
  • WIP account is negative - problem - solved.
  • Job status invisible with too much expediting - problem - solved.
Vicki thinking she might like this.
Vicki thinking she might like this.
Vicki and a worry free weekend
Vicki and a worry free weekend

Worry free upgrade

This functionality is accomplished through the installation of Method Directives specific to the client’s company and the APIs available for the quote and order entry. The source code for Method Directives is located within the Epicor Kinetic SQL database. As a happy consequence when your Epicor Kinetic version is upgraded these Method Directives are simultaneously upgraded. To the extent possible, this approach avoids version locking commonly found using the Epicor Kinetic SDK method.

Revolutions Shopping updates and upgrades easily whether you are on premise, multi-tenant cloud or single-tenant cloud.

Fully Integrated

No more double entry. The functionality of Epicor Kinetic is exploited to the fullest extent. The order is placed directly into Epicor Kinetic, Revolutions Shopping is intuitive.

When Epicor Kinetic is updated, this functionality is updated avoiding version locking.

Where Revolutions Shopping requires information not already available in Epicor 10 or Epicor Kinetic, the data is stored in the user defined UD24 table.

The BEFORE Vicki wondering
The BEFORE Vicki wondering