Epicor® Kinetic, Revolutions Solution™ Predictive Shipping

adjusts automatically to changes in the carrier’s environment and in yours.


Revise parts and change weights or dimension. Change packing material. Add a box size or envelope size. All these process changes and many more are routinely handled from your shipping desk. With Predictive Shipping, that modification is memorialized and your new efficiency will happen again and again!


Epicor® Kinetic, Revolutions Solution™ Predictive Shipping

will learn from your personnel. After that, your personnel won’t have to remember the most efficient method.


What happens when your personnel discover a better way?

Epicor® Kinetic, Revolutions Solution™ Predictive Shipping

learns immediately and will apply the newly discovered efficiency again, and again.

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Your users will easily learn the Predictive Shipping enhancement. It is very intuitive. Your Kinetic Epicor and some of our fancy programming, inserted at Quote, Order entry and at the Shipping desk means no more multiple browsers. No more cutting and pasting. No more gotchas for your new employees. Most importantly, you will be able to inform your customer at the time you quote, within the Kinetic application, exactly how much it will cost to ship.


Avoid mistakes. In the real world of business, employee turn-over and training often cause a dip in customer service or mistakes which cost you margin and possibly repeat business.


It is predictable. Lost sales on account shipping cost surprises is problematic. We can’t ship cheaper, however we can remove those surprises and give you or your customer optimal control with precise shipping quotes across several vendors.


It learns. With our AI component, we learn a few tricks every day as your shipping folks do their thing.

At Quote Entry in Epicor® Kinetic

Revolutions Solution™ Predictive Shipping will provide an extraordinarily accurate carrier cost solely based on the specific Sales Order or Quote.


In many businesses the customer may order several times, or have coinciding Epicor® Kinetic Purchase Order Releases. Epicor® Kinetic, Revolutions Solution™ Predictive Shipping does the extraordinary at fulfillment by combining shipments across Customer Orders to the same Epicor® Kinetic Ship To.


At Quote Entry and Order Entry in Epicor® Kinetic, take a little extra care to select whether this Customer or this Order is willing to take a partial shipment and Epicor® Kinetic, Revolutions Solution™ Predictive Shipping will do the extraordinary again allowing easy partial shipments.


Epicor® Kinetic, Revolutions Solution™ Predictive Shipping

protects your business processes against staff expansion or turn-over. The ease of use is un-matched, with a “do this next” approach to shipping. Your history is already memorialized to efficient methods of assortment packaging. This history is presented to experienced and new users. They may, if they wish, improve or teach the Predictive Shipping module.


Your shipments may be in many forms!

  • Single package(s)
  • Pallet(s)
  • Packages mixed or non-mixed
  • Bulk material such as a gaylord
  • Bulk self-packaged material