Easy B2B & B2C Shipping for Packaged & Pallet Businesses

Predictive Packing and Rate Capture for Epicor® Kinetic

RS Package & Pallet™

provides your business the ability to

predictively pack and ship

packages and pallets to your customers. Even before shipping and creating the sales order you can provide your prospective customer with a more accurate estimate of the total cost that includes the freight charge with the custom “Get Rates” buttons included in

Quote Entry and Customer Shipment Entry.


Lately, your job of putting in sales orders and customer shipments has become tedious busywork because your company usually packs and ships orders with the same parts, same quantity, and same package type that has the exact dimensions and weight. Not only that, but you would also need to go back and forth from your work site to the carrier site to enter the dimensions and weight of your package and/or pallet to get the freight charge and book the shipment. This can be a frustrating and time-consuming process, if only there were a way to be able to automatically generate shipments based on previous packages/pallets, capture rates, and book the shipments. Lucky for you, that is just what our

embedded Epicor® Kinetic customization,

RS Package & Pallet™ does.


Get Estimated Rates for Epicor® Kinetic Quotes

There is a potential customer who wants to know the price of not only the equipment you are selling but also

an estimate

of the shipping. With the custom “Get Rates” button included in the

Quote Entry,

you can get a close estimate of what the freight charge would be based on the weight of the equipment and the dimensions of the package type the equipment would most likely be packed in. Based on the selected rate, the ship via will be updated with that carrier ship via.

Get Accurate Rates for Epicor® Kinetic Packs Ready to Ship and Book

The time has come for the equipment that you sold to be packed and shipped to the customer. You have already packed and weighed the shipment, but now need a more

accurate freight charge.

Instead of going to the carriers’ site for the shipping rate by clicking the custom “Get Rates” button that is included in

Customer Shipment Entry,

you can get the freight charge based on the carrier of the ship via that you selected for the shipment, the dimensions of the package type, and the actual weight. After selecting the rate, the pack will also be booked for shipping through the selected carrier.

Compare Epicor® Kinetic Rates

After clicking the “Get Rates” button from either the

Quote Entry

or the

Customer Shipment Entry

a popup window will open that shows all the possible carriers and its ship vias. You will be able to compare not only the

rate charges

but also the estimated date of when the shipment will arrive to the customer. This way you will be able to select not only the cheapest possible rate, but also the fastest according to you and

your customer’s needs.


Quickly Generate Epicor® Kinetic Packs, End to End Solutions

At your company, you are usually packing and shipping the same order. The

parts, quantity, weight,



are always the same, and it quickly becomes tedious busywork when you are manually entering the same order and

customer shipment

repeatedly. In the

custom dashboard,

Predictive Pack Out,

you can view sales order lines due within a certain number of days (or overdue) and order lines that can be completely fulfilled or only partially. These order lines are grouped by the customer and ship-to, and when selected packs based on previous packs will automatically be generated, the rate charge will be added based on the ship via of the sales order, the shipment will be booked, and a packing label will be printed. The user can edit the quantity, package type, or what parts are in what packs though this will prevent a rate charge to be added and the shipment to be booked but a label with a barcode of the pack ID will be printed. However, in both cases the pack slip will be printed.

Epicor® Kinetic One-Stop Shipping

No need to switch between

Quick Ship


carrier sites.

Epicor® Kinetic Business-to-business (B2B); business-to-consumer (B2C)


RS Package & Pallets

we offer shipping transactions between your business and other businesses, or


that typically use pallets, and shipping transaction between your business and consumers that typically use packages.

Epicor® Kinetic Standard Carriers

API calls to the standard carrier services such as UPS, FedEx, and T-Force to capture shipping rates and book shipments.


Epicor® Kinetic Quick Ship

Imagine ten to fifteen trucks trying to pull up to a company with only two truck docks for only a single pallet each, this disastrous scenario is what Epicor® Kinetic failed to consider when creating their shipping module called

Epicor® Kinetic Quick Ship.

Not only is it not embedded into the entry menus that are regularly used by its users, but it also offers a feature that they call

“Multiple Carrier Options”.

This feature allows “90+ shipping carrier options”. How excessive and unnecessary! Who would need over ninety carrier options when most companies only have two to five truck docks? Our enhancement

RS Package & Pallet™

is for companies like yours that don’t need all of the carrier trucks pulling into the shipping area.