Epicor® Kinetic Cycle Count Training Class

This course will walk a user through the

Material Management


Cycle Count

processing, including

Count Cycle Maintenance,

Cycle Count Schedule Update,


Cycle Count Part / PCID Update


Epicor® Kinetic.


  • Buyer

  • Count Cycle Period Definition

General Operations

  • Epicor® Kinetic RFQ Entry

  • Epicor® Kinetic Count Cycle Maintenance

  • Epicor® Kinetic Cycle Count Part / PCID Selection Update

  • Epicor® Kinetic Cycle Count Schedule Maintenance


  • Epicor® Kinetic Count Accuracy

  • Epicor® Kinetic Cycle Count Schedule

  • Epicor® Kinetic Count Cycle Parts Selected

  • Epicor® Kinetic Part Cycle Count Status

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