Vicki's currently missing more than a few employees at her company! missing employee is her

Billing Specialist. 

At Pronto Progress, we can provide you with a temp whose responsibilities include creating invoices, credit memos, sending payment reminders, and updating accounting records along with customer information. Are you in need of a dynamic Billing Specialist with excellent communication, customer service, and organizational skills? If so, this is the temp for you!

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Vicki is struggling to find someone to process payroll. For someone in this role, it is crucial to have the ability to communicate effectively and deliver strong, internal customer service while working in a deadline-driven environment. That’s where our


temp comes in, who will guarantee timely and accurate payroll processing for your employees.

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Fortunately for Vicki, her company is growing rapidly. As a result, her inventory is getting to be too much for her current employees to handle, and she's in need of a detail-oriented inventory professional with great communication skills. Luckily for Vicki, our

Inventory Control

Temp is the perfect match! The Inventory Control Temp's responsibilities will be to keep track of goods and services as well as manage orders to facilitate sales or production.

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Vicki’s head is spinning. 7 new orders just came in and she's in need of a

Master Scheduler. 

This position is responsible for organizing and coordinating the daily scheduling of jobs and insuring shop floor efficiency per industry requirements. Planning and flexibility with both machine capacity and personnel schedules are a must for daily and monthly forecasting.

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Vicki also needs someone to assist with Order Entry. Our

Order Entry Specialist

is both detail-oriented and patient, and possesses exceptional experience in customer service. They will thrive in your fast-paced environment and have a strong desire to work alongside of your people. Temps in this role have extensive knowledge of the ERP system and order management processes.

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Updating and reconciling sub-ledger to the G/L, writing checks and making payments, processing expense reports, resolving A/P issues, matching, batching, and coding invoices are just a few of the responsibilities of the

Accounts Payable Clerk. 

They ensure invoices, checks, and other documents are properly sorted, logged, emailed, and filed. They can handle the customer service needs of internal business partners. They also manage to validate, record, and expedite any special handling and mail checks.

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Vicki makes a big sale after hours


Bank Reconciliation Specialist

performs day-to-day activities associated with supporting the successful management of your company's bank reconciliations and associated cash accounting. This position will work closely with other departments within your company such as accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll, tax, and audit as well as external banking partners. They will also monitor all banking activities to detect irregularities which includes identifying and resolving deposit discrepancies.

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As professionals who check-in and regularly track inbound shipments, making sure nothing gets lost, the

Inventory Receipt Clerk 

is especially important to your company. Collaborating with procurement staff as to expected deliveries, receiving shipments, signing paperwork upon receipt and inventorying outgoing goods are just some of the responsibilities they can be tasked with.

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Needing help to process shipping, Vicki can hire one of our

Shipping Clerks. 

Shipping Clerks typically work for warehouses or storage facilities to process and fulfill customer orders as well as maintain product inventory levels. They work closely with other Shipping Clerks reviewing sales orders, retrieving products, packaging those products, and placing labels on outgoing packages. They are also skilled in handling outbound shipments.

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Vicki knows that when handling and managing returns, sometimes there are complications, and the return has to be done manually. That’s where the expertise of our

RMA Specialists

, who are put in charge of assuring that the correct products go out, come back, and are logged in correctly, comes into play.

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Vicki is seeking an experienced, temporary employee who specializes in


With this role, our temp will discuss the order and its expectations with the customer, prepare all warranty documents, coordinate the internal resources, and track requests to ensure the company is paid for all warranty work done.

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