Accounts Payable Learning Lab Epicor® Kinetic

In the Exercises section, you will be performing repetitive actions.  Your instructor will help guide you through each application the first time, but then you will complete four more repetitions of each application on your own.

There is also a brief section about using trackers, which will help you find information you need.

Please ask your instructor if you get stuck or have a question as you work through the exercises.

At the conclusion of this lab, you will have the necessary skills and abilities to do any of the following tasks:

  • Create AP Invoices
  • Review and Post AP Invoices
  • Review AP Invoice with AP Invoice Tracker
  • Create AP Invoice Payments
  • Review and Post AP Invoice Payments
  • Review AP Invoices Payments with AP Invoice Tracker
  • Void Payments

Epicor® Kinetic module/options covered:

General Operations

  • AP Invoice Entry
  • AP Invoice Tracker
  • AP Payment Entry
  • Payment Tracker
  • Void Payments

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