Vicki's company is trying to improve the way they create invoices for Accounts Payable. What she needs is the Epicor Kinetic™ Concur Integration.



Concur Integration,

your company can take .iif files exported from SAP Concur, and create Epicor Kinetic™

Accounts Payable

invoices. The expenses are automatically coded to the general ledger account set up for that expense in Concur. This tool is especially useful for reconciling corporate credit card charges against the bank statement.


Concur Integration

provides you with a dashboard to review the imported expenses prior to processing. You can select which expenses you want to invoice and to which fiscal period the invoices should be posted.


The executable is compatible with

Epicor Kinetic™

version 10.0.700.4. When you purchase, please specify which version your company uses.

One of the first sections you will notice is the Invoice Numbers section. In the Invoice Numbers section, you can view the different invoices imported from the .iif files. Here, you can see their ID, the transaction date, and you can select which ones to process for your business.

Invoice numbers
Invoice Details

The Invoice Detail section is perfect for making sure that all the information is accurate according to each invoice. In the Invoice Details section, you can see each invoice's information, such as the transaction type, the employee it's associated with, and the amount.

The Invoice List is a good way to organize your information and then manage it accordingly. In the Invoice List section, you can see a detailed record of each item within the invoice, such as the amount, and the type of expense.

Invoice List

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