Field Service Business (FSB) Repetitive Order Entry Dashboard for Epicor® Kinetic

What business doesn't like repeat business?

Only the businesses that don't have repeat business yet, right!?


Is Kinetic capable of easily handling long term, repeat business in the ERP?

Some folks say "No!", even "Hell No!". They complain that Kinetic comes up short, citing that Kinetic is too slow, too complicated and not intuitive. We've heard complaints that Kinetic holds back company growth because it lacks scalability. Still others complain about the licensing and costs of maintenance. We'll concede when used infrequently, complicated and tedious tasks are hard to remember and demoralizing.


We hear more complaints about spreadsheets, QuickBooks and lack of reconciliation.

The point of an ERP like Kinetic is integration. At Pronto Progress we hear the complaints but we see damn good bones in Kinetic. We think complainers are uneducated and short sighted. We looked at Repetitive Services, and used our Lego® style of thinking. In solving Repetitive Service and Repetitive Field Service within Kinetic we created a masterpiece.


Most buy Epicor® Kinetic and did't have a need, yet, for Repetitive Field Service.

That's how it happened for us at Pronto Progress. We moved from QuickBooks for the solid, integrated G/L of Kinetic. Rather than complain, we did something about these issues. Using the framework upon which Kinetic is built, and our Lego® style of thinking, your company can stop whining and leverage some truly amazing benefits.


Maybe you weren't on the committee that selected Kinetic.

Before you run into the boss' office and insist Kinetic be thrown out, replaced and ditched, consider this. How much has been invested? Then imagine your boss admitting a mistake? Oh, well... hmmm....


Repetitive Field Service is easy in Epicor® Kinetic, with magic from Pronto Progress.

 Stop your bitching. Save an extraordinary number of hours and setup a Repetitive Order that works across production, invoicing, G/L, payroll and quality. Shorten sales turn times. Remove risk of staff turnover from your business plan. Improve customer quality. Track costs efficiently and accurately. Do all this with our Repetitive Field Service Order Entry Workbench.

Field Service Business (FSB)
in Epicor® Kinetic

How to enter a Repetitive Order in
OOB Epicor® Kinetic
Field Service Business(FSB)
"No Mag" approach

We tried the OOB "No Mag" approach.
OOB sucks!
Epicor® Kinetic "With Mag" doesn't suck.

Serial Fulfillers rake in the chips
using Epicor® Kinetic with Repetitive Order Entry Dashboard.

Repetitive Order Entry Workbench
Epicor® Kinetic Field Service (FSB)

Aren't you glad we did the Repetitive Order Entry Dashboard for Epicor® Kinetic?