As an easier to use, less expensive alternative to EPICOR’s two methods for processing credit card transactions how about this!


Yep, instead of weeks of time to install and perfect CRE or ESDM, you can let your customers do it themselves. No more calls to your office; no more emails, and gad no more faxes! With Pronto Progress’ CC processing BPMs and some straight up EPICOR OOB setup you’ll be selling your product on the web, and reselling to those B to B customers again and again. Except for actually shipping the product, which we’d automate for you as well, everything in the back office is done for you. Including, get this, Customer and Contact setup. Yep – all hear.


There is more!

  • PCI compliance is structured to the customer, not you! So rather than tokenization or such non sense, you get the authorization number which upon shipment is automatically applied to the order.
  • All through BPMs and a Directive to your merchant account.
  • If you still want to take those faxes, go nuts. If you already bought CRE or ESDM that’s fine! Nothing we’ll add interrupts either of those processes. Get comfortable, then get rid of them.


Finally, and most importantly!

You are not version locked into EPICOR! Your upgrade processes will automatically upgrade our BPMs. Enhancements are yours as well as real people support.

See How Revolution Solution Works!