Epicor® Kinetic Accounts Receivable Management Training Class

There's nothing more important to a business than the flow of cash into it. When that flow stutters or stops, the whole business is affected.


In accounting,

accounts receivable management

represents the outstanding uncollected income from product sales or services for your business. How well that part of your business is managed can drastically affect your ability to pay your expenses and your employees. Accounts receivable management training is critical for the staff responsible for billing and collections.


The responsibilities for an accounts receivable management are the same whether you have one person responsible or a manager overseeing an AR staff.

Management of AR

is needed when you have a business model that offers credit terms to its clients. It includes the

oversight of invoice creation

and billing to customers, the tracking of

aging invoices, collections, reporting, account reconciliation,

such as credits or returns, matching invoices to checks received and posting to accounting ledgers. While most of these activities should be common knowledge for the experienced accountant, your specific industry might require specialized training for your accounting staff.


Our staff can help you with this training within your

Epicor® Kinetic



  • Epicor® Kinetic Bank Code

  • Epicor® Kinetic Bank Account

  • Epicor® Kinetic Bank Account Transaction Codes

  • Epicor® Kinetic Customer

  • Epicor® Kinetic Payment Method

  • Epicor® Kinetic Terms

General Operations

  • Epicor® Kinetic AR Invoice Entry

  • Epicor® Kinetic AR Letter of Credit

  • Epicor® Kinetic AR Posted Invoice Update


  • Epicor® Kinetic Aged Receivables

  • Epicor® Kinetic AR Invoice Balance

  • Epicor® Kinetic Customer Statements

  • Epicor® Kinetic Mass Print AR Invoices

  • Epicor® Kinetic Sales Analysis

  • Epicor® Kinetic Sales List

  • Epicor® Kinetic Shipped not Invoices


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