Employee Story Board


November 13, 2019


Muhammad Shariq, a Software Architect Senior in our St. Petersburg, FL office proved going above and beyond for our clients is of utmost importance at Pronto Progress. While working for Andrew Wazcilczuk on a project for Clarios, Shariq carried out tasks that involved upgrading one of their SSL certificates for their Salesforce portal and ensured that the system was in production. In order to minimize down-time, he recreated the certificate and shared it with the integration team in advance of when they needed it. On the night of Saturday, November 2nd, 2019, Muhammad Shariq performed work during non-business hours to make changes to the certificate for the production system. Shariq performed this work during non-business hours when he knew the system would not be in use, as he understood the importance of ensuring his work did not affect his customer’s productivity. On behalf of Pronto Progress, we extend our gratitude to Shariq.