Realty Home Advisors Growth Calculator


This app is to be used in a presentation setting.

RHA Calculator is designed to give you a notion of what you can do in with a Multi Level Marketing Plan in the Reality market.

RHA Calculator was not developed to track how much money you're going to make.


This is a Growth Calculator for referrals.

Team you bring: A group of brokers or more.

Agents/Year you bring: An individual person you referred.

Your referral's production per year.

# of Properties: The amount of homes, land, lots or buildings sold.

Average Price: Total cost of homes, lands, lots or buildings sold.

Average Commission: Is the percentage paid for the sale.

Agents They Refer: Is your estimate of how many people they will refer.

This calculator is used by a REALTOR™ wishing to explore the possibilities of partnering with Reality Home Advisors.


Developed by : Hunter Kingsley

Pronto Progress Incorporated