Let the program talk to the carrier for you. It prevents human error, monitors your tracking numbers, picks the best carrier based on their on-time performance, and eliminates the need for duplicate entry of orders. Our integration with UT (Universal Traffic) UPS and Epicor allows you to pick a carrier, get the desired shipping cost, and receive a tracking number in 1 easy step.

Why spend more time on
systems than boxing?

Capture tracking numbers without a cut/paste, and send automatic emails formatted your way.
Never again do the same thing twice with the UPS-UTS (United Postal Service - United Traffic Service) Integration. Revolutions Solution eliminates the need for multiple processes to fulfill orders for the customers.

Preferred Carriers List

Preferred Carriers List

Revolutions Solution generates a list of desired carriers within the software interface. Your company can pick a desired carrier based on shipping time and on-time performance.

Automatic tracking number generation

Automatic tracking number generation

Integration with Universal Traffic and Epicor allows for a tracking number to be automatically generated.

Detailed Freight charges

Detailed Freight charges

A list of detailed freight charges is provided within Revolutions Solution. You can tell ahead of time how much it will cost to ship without the guesswork.


Ship in 1 step

One Time Unlimited Liscense

One time unlimited user license of Dispatch Shipping (SM) for your first E9 or E10 Company is only $4,800 including installation.

Full support subscription

Subscribe to Dispatch Shipping (SM) for $195 per month for your first E9 or E10 Company and $95 per company thereafter and enjoy free updates, enhancements and version security through every Epicor and UPS upgrade.

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Does this process look all to similar to you? Does the shipping desk have to copy and paste, and duplicate data?

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