Direct Hire or intern?

The Project Garage is composed of both interns and new employees (ranging from 1 to 6 participants) working in a team environment under the supervision of a mentor. Full-time new employees are those that have appropriate extensive experience and can offer evidence of previous successful employment. The internship program allows students, or those with little working knowledge or experience, to intern for three weeks in the Project Garage, with the possibility of an employment offer or extension dependent upon performance during the internship. By participating in the Project Garage, you will gain experience in SQL, C#, along with business applications such as production control fulfillment, and more.

Direct Hire

All possible software engineers with previous employment experience, demonstrable software skills, relational database skills, and dedication to the software engineering business profession. Other candidates not fulfilling these three requirements can intern in the Project Garage and prove themselves fit. New hires will be immersed in the technology and culture that Pronto Progress has built its success on and for which clients benefit as our consultants deliver “We'll Straighten That Out” software business solutions.


For candidates with little or no experience, the Project Garage offers a unique immersion into business solutions technology and a path to full-time employment. All Pronto Progress interns are paid. To see the what internship positions Pronto offers, visit our our open positions page. If you have earned a position with Pronto Progress but still have additional schooling prior to becoming a graduate, the position will be available to you following your graduation. It’s always Pronto Progress' intention that interns ultimately become full-time employees.

What they work on

Business Processes

• Company Updates: You will use Epicor, C#, and REST to do updates based on the company setup for the company's EPICOR profile.
• Dispatch Expense Entries: You will be utilizing Epicor, C#, NativeScript, HTML 5, and REST to add functionality to the already existing Dispatch software. This is so that employees can input their own expenses and attatch receipts from within it.
• Dispatch Project Setups and Updates: You will be converting an 80 or more page user guide used to setup a project in EPICOR into a single page web/mobile application that allows a user to enter in all the relevant data for a project. You will be utilizing Epicor, C#, NativeScript, HTML 5, and REST for this process.
• Create Customers: In order for a project to be setup a customer will need to be selected, but if a customer doesn’t currently exist a new customer record will need to be created. To do this you must use Epicor, C#, HTML5, and REST.

Business Processes Continued

• Create and Update Orders: You will be using C#, Epicor, HTML5, and REST to create and update sales orders and linked POs. The customer you are working with want to start additional project work under an existing PO or the contact for a current PO needs to be changed. You will need to continually update information under the existing Sales Order.
• Update Customers:
Customer may have additional contacts that should be notified for upcoming projects or need to change general information such as email addresses, mailing address, billing terms, etc. You will use Epicor, C#, HTML5, and REST to update customers.
• Update Projects:
You need to enable Project Managers to be able to select an existing project and link the new relevant information to it from within Dispatch with Epicor, C#, HTML5, and REST.
• Add Additional Phases:
Using Epicor, C#, HTML5, and REST you will break down larger projects in smaller phases, or use a specific project for different PO's.
• Complete a Project or a Project Phase:
You will need to know how to mark a project complete, or a phase complete, and also have the relevant information updated. If an entire project is marked as complete, all of the relevant Sales Orders and Jobs must also be marked as complete also. You will utilize Epicor, C#, HTML5, and REST in this process.

Problem solvers in the making

What we used to do

Some companies hire their employees and send them right out into the field because they are "experienced". This is referred to as “Sink or Swim” training. We used to hire with the same philosophy, but learned that without the exposure to Pronto Progress' culture and methods, the failure rate for both consultants and customer deliverables was far too great. Without both your skills and our methods, failure is imminent.

How we do it now
How we do it now

To fulfill the problem solving needs of clients and to further the careers of ProntoProgress developers, we have invented and designed the Project Garage. The purpose is to prepare consultants to solve clients’ business problems remotely. There are no boring videos or simulations. We have you interact with actual Pronto Progress clients. After participating in the Project Garage, new consultants are crowned official professional problem solvers.

The Result
The Result

Imagine yourself as the hero for solving client business problems. Think of the feeling of satisfaction you'll receive with each job robustly solved. The pride in belonging to a team of consultants that does not settle for just good enough, but excels in delivering outstanding solutions. Training through the Project Garage produces by far the best trained consultants in the industry.

What is The Project Garage?

Here at Pronto Progress, we like to have all of our new employees who deal with software go through training called the Project Garage. When we hire new employees they go through training in a group setting (ranging from one to six participants) so they can ask questions, and get real time experience with projects that start small and get larger. The projects increase in size until they reach the average size expected of them outside of training. Project Garage occurs throughout the country in Waukesha, WI, Saint Petersburg, FL, Chicago, IL (Downtown), and Santa Clarita, CA. Participants can attend Project Garage in any of these locations, rather then all gather in one.

  • Project Garage start dates are set by the pupils
  • Company Sponsored

New Hires graduate Project Garage with these 3 core values

Our new hires and interns leave behind learned bad habits and come out as professional problem solvers. If anything, they walk away with these 3 core values.

Drop the Ego

Always reach out when you need help. Wasting time is time lost for both Pronto Progress and Pronto Progress' client. The new hires are taught to engage in solving problems they come across on their own, and research the problem until it is solved. If the problem is still yet solved, the next step is to reach out and make a phone call for guidance. Pronto Progress employees will always retain ownership of the problem.

Face to face communication

Communication is key. Every day our employees should speak to the client they are working for. Face to face status updates are always preferred. But if this is not an option, then a phone call is a must. A detailed email or a voicemail should be the very last option.

Instruction translation

Most ideas and instructions are given orally. Our employees learn how to turn oral instructions first into a confirming written instruction and then into a well defined specification.

Real client work is performed in the Project Garage

Only new hires and interns work in our Project Garage. Because of this we offer discounts to clients who would be fine with new hires working (under supervision) on their projects. If you are interested in working with the Project Garage team reach out to us at (262) 524-5500.